Friday, October 16, 2009

Our new "official" blog

Hear ye, hear ye...

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  1. Blanche Charlet - agent Japonica - was a galery owner in Brussels (Galerie Charlet, and from 1926 till 1931 together with Walther Schwarzenberg, Galerie Le Centaure in the Avenue Louise. They were indeed one of the first to represent Magritte. They also organised exhibitions with the Ecole de Paris and with works of the contemporary modern Belgian expressionist and surrealist artists: James Ensor, Constant Permeke, Fritz Van den Berghhe, Edgard Tytgat, Floris and Oscar Jespers, Gustave De Smet,....
    From 1932 on she worked for the Galerie de France in Paris. During World War II she was a secret agent in France for the British Special Operating Executive and she worked there together with Brian Stonehouse (a soldier and artist).
    Portraits of Blanche Charlet by Edgard Tytgat (oil on canvas) and Oscar Jespers (terra cotta) in priv. Belgian coll.
    See: José Boyens: Oscar Jespers. Antwerpen, 1982, Stichting Mercator-Plantijn v.z.w. and José Boyens: Oscar Jespers, beeldhouwer en tekenaar. Wormerveen, 2013, Uitgeverij Noord-Holland. Exhib.catal.: Een verhaal over vrouwen. Brussel, 1980, Bank Lambert (Europalia 80 - België 150), portr. on page 125.
    Marc Browaeys